Jul 11, 2010

The pashkevil to end all pashkevils

As I was walking through the neighborhood this morning, I spotted the latest pashkevil plastered around town.

This one has become known as "the pashkevil to end all pashkevils" and is the handiwork of Rav Haber and his mispallelim.

I took a picture of them, but the original artwork can already be found online and is much clearer than it will be from my cellphone image...
May it bring some sense to some people...


  1. Just walking through the streets of RBS a few minutes ago... I felt very proud to see these pashkevillim everywhere!

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  3. You can read more about the origination of it from here: http://www.torahlab.org/haberblog/the_pashkevil_to_end_all_pashkevil/

  4. It's About TimeJuly 11, 2010 7:55 PM

    Baruch HaShem RBSA finally has a charedi rav who is a talmid chochum, normal and not afraid of his own shadow.
    After hearing about his Shabbos HaGadol drasha, this pashkavil and other of his stances I will now check out his shul

  5. It was great seeing these up there. Any idea how we can get some put up down here?

  6. About Time: Please introduce yourself to me when you come to Rav Haber's shul - I'm the gabbai. (And that picture is really what I look like, though I have a bit more beard at this time!)

    Menachem Lipkin: Where do you live? We started out plastering only RBS-A coz that's all we had budget for; we put the email info@pashk.org on the posters specifically so that people who want to sponsor the poster in their own neighborhood have the opportunity to do so. If you and your neighbors want to throw a couple hundred shekels at this project, we'll happily decorate your neighborhood, too! :)

  7. The comments on R' Habers post are also quite interesting...

  8. It was OK for the Chofetz Chaim to have such a shitta, but it's forbidden for us.


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