Jan 27, 2011

Cigarette Vending Machines No More!

It always bothers me when I see these cigarette vending machines placed out in public places such as in the shopping centers, near candy stores, etc. How can selling cigarettes in this fashion be allowed? How many times have you seen young teenagers buying cigarettes in these vending machines? It seems so wrong for them to be displayed out in public like that.

A cross-party group of MKs sponsored a new bill to be presented as law this week that would ban such cigarette vending machines. The bill has already passed it's initial reading with an overwhelming majority, and now has to go through the process of the subsequent readings and committees. (source: Srugim)

The vote on the initial reading was to the count of 45-1 in favor of banning the vending machines. I wonder which MK voted against the proposed law and is in favor of leaving the cigarette vending machines where they are...

Perhaps we have seen the last of these machines...


  1. I have a hard time with the gum that looks like cigarettes in the candy store.

  2. I picked up a picture one, here located in the Bituach Leumi headquarters building (you know, where they pay for all the health funds).


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