Jan 25, 2011

Glatt Video

There is a new frum video hosting website in the style of Youtube. The new site is called Glatube.

Their goal, as stated, is to provide a video site that is supervised. They have mashgichei kashrus that check every single video to ensure they do not contain any objectionable content, such as sexual, violence, or anything else objectionable.



  1. Do these mashgichum get to see all the juicy stuff they won't let us see afterwards?

  2. if you want to see it, just go to youtube...

    it is always funny to think about that though. They hire someone to watch movie to look for questionable content...maybe they hire non-Jews. can a non-jew be relied upon? In halacha a non-Jew can often not be relied upon..

  3. maybe they use women

  4. are women allowed to watch non-tzanua videos?

  5. they do a heter mechira on their eyes before watching the clips :-)

  6. Youtube without women.. yeah I'll pass. What is Israel turning into? The Haredim have too many kids.


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