Jan 26, 2011

The Holiest Place To The Jews

Meoros Daf Yomi is working on arranging a massive daf yomi event, bringing 100,000 Jews to the Kotel for a daf yomi shiur. The people would be divided up into 1000 grousp of 20 people each, and along with learnign the daf they would also get, free of charge, tours of the area including the Kotel Tunnels.They have already run a pilot of this concept with 150 people, which they say was a success.

It sounds like a great idea.

Below is the ad copy the produced to raise money for the event. they want people to sponsor groups. As you can see, they call the project "Connecting With The Holy of Holies", They write "the goal is to bring 100,000 people to the Western Wall for a shiur in gemara at the holiest place of the Jewish Nation.

While the Kotel is a holy place, in light of it being used for the last 60 years as a shul, in light of it's proximity to the makom ha'mikdash, it on it's own is NOT the holiest place we Jews have. The holiest place on earth, we believe, is on the other side of the wall - the Temple complex on Har HaBayit, and the Kodesh Kodashim.

They should have written "the holiest place accessible to us today", or maybe "the closest we can get to the holiest place", or something similar.


  1. i think that it is a horrible idea. this is supposed to be talmud torah, not a media event. talmud torah requires people being able to hear, listen, follow along. in a crowd of 100,000 that is simply not going to happen. it would/will be a complete mess.

  2. Frankly I can think of a whole bunch of better ways to spend our limited funds than on a project like this.


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