Jan 31, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Specifically us, with all our disputes with the Palestinians, successfully keep the situation under control. You cannot compare the situation between us and the Palestinians to what is happening now in the Arab countries.
Therefore, to say that the problem of the Middle East is 2 caravans in Yitzhar or Nokdim - thats running away from reality....
The time has come for us to stand up for the truth and tell the whole world that they should solve the problems that really threaten the wellbeing of the world. Iran, fanning the flames of hatred and the lack of stability all over the Middle East. That is the main threat. Israel needs to stand up to the pressure and stand up to the attempts to run away from reality. We have to stick to our truth.

  -- Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman


  1. This is the real problem with Lieberman as Foreign Minister. He took an idea which is so important it that needs to be distilled to a soundbite for mass distribution and repetition (a la Abba Eban's still-oft quoted "never miss an opportunity" observation), and instead wrote a dissertation about it.

  2. So he just needs some public speaking training. But at least he says it!

  3. WS - Saying doesn't matter if no one listens or can even repeat your basic point 10 minutes later.

  4. This man has a deep love for Jews. He has an excellent speech writer and says what needs to be said. His detractors are exhibiting inferiority and are ashamed to be proud Jews. Professor Robert Wistrich of Hebrew Univ, has said so much. I only mention him because some need " an authority" to give permission to believe. That's the wekness of the golus experience. I'm sure the Maccabees were not so deficient. The Jews need to regain their self esteem as Hashem's children with a yerusha. Eretz Yisrael is ours and we should state so, and behave so. The weakness of the politicians is bringing havoc upon us!


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