Jan 25, 2011

Livni = Kahane

Amazing. According to the Palestine Papers leaked by Al Jazeera, Tzippi Livni offered that all Arabs, including Israeli Arabs, be transferred to the Palestinian State under PA rule, except for some minor numbers of refugees that would be allowed into Israel and some Israeli Arabs that would be allowed to remain in Israel, and the PA basically accepted that condition, recognizing that Israel could not survive if it granted Arabs the right to return to Israel.

That was basically the agenda Rabbi Meier Kahane supported. Yet he was a racist for saying it.


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  2. I can't find exactly what was apparently offered but it seems to me there is a distinction:

    The suggestion was to transfer certain Israeli Arab areas, with their residents in place, to PA jurisdiction. i.e. move the borders and leave some people outside. Kahane "transfer" is more about kicking said residents out altogether - to live somewhere else.

    The conventional wisdom is that most Israeli Arabs wouldn't welcome the first option any more than the second...

    (CAPTCHA: "mishe" - very appropriate, it's almost Adar :-) )

  3. Here's the difference:

    Kahane wanted to basically kick out all Israeli Arabs from the state of Israel. He didn't want Arabs in Israel because he was a racist.

    Livni offered to the PA that Arab towns along the 1967 lines be given to the future Palestinian state. She doesn't want to kick out all Israeli Arabs, but a lot of towns straddle the line and in terms of land swaps it might be better for the PA to get those towns.

    Also, she only offered it. Once the PA turned it down she didn't bring it up again. It was a proposal for border issues, not a call for the expulsion of Arabs.

    It was a declined, moderate offer, not a life mission of Livni's, unlike Kahane


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