Jan 25, 2011

Sick Of Getting Slapped (video)

This is the latest anti-haredi campaign.. It is the silent majority in Israel who are sick of getting slapped in the face


  1. It's not a good idea to post these videos because you are causing their viewing statistics to rise, which has the effect of it being rated higher, and getting even more viewers.

  2. am honored that you think I have such an affect on viewing stats.. Halevai I would raise any given videos stats by more than a few dozen hits (which is basically insignificant in youtube ratings)...

  3. You could download the video and reinstall on a different channel.

  4. Why is it just chilonim who are getting slapped in the face? Most (or all) of the complaints, as I understand them, are not related to religion, and non-hareidi datiim (and probably even some hareidi ones) are affected every bit as much as the chilonim are.


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