Jan 27, 2011

Gods Sense Of Humor

Either God has a sense of humor or MK Zeev Elkind does not.

The Knesset recently decided to appoint a parliamentary committee to investigate the source of funding of the extreme left organizations. The decision for an investigation passed despite the brouhaha it was made into, as if how dare anybody investigate the leftists. I did not get what the big deal was, as the rightists are regularly being attacked, investigated and lambasted, so why should the leftists think they are immune? Regardless, the decision was made to investigate despite the opposition.

Yesterday the Knesset was deciding the make-up of the committee that will be conducting the investigation. It got heated, and the Arab MKs were getting upset. During the session the Arab MKs called out to Elkin, the director of the government coalition who is responsible for establishing the committee, "Why not just have [National Union MK Michael] Ben-Ari investigate us and be done with it???"

The comment was obviously made in a cynical fashion, as Ben Ari is the loudest opponent to the Arab MKs and leftist organizations and has said numerous times that [certain] Arabs should be banned from the Knesset, he has said he would take care of them, he has been vocal against the leftist organizations, etc.

Somehow Elkin did not pick up on the cynicism in the remark, and actually appointed Dr. Michael Ben Ari as the head of the investigative committee.

The Arabs were obviously upset and left saying they will ban the investigation and not cooperate.

Ben Ari, on the other hand, said he was pleased with the unusual arrangement (unusual because his party, Ichud haLeumi is not part of the coalition yet he was tapped to head the committee), and the MKs from the Arab parties know that "I will deal with them and their friends the way I promised. I will protect the State of Israel from all its enemies, both internal and external, who want to destroy it."

God works in funny ways. A cynical comment by the Arabs actually led to Ben Ari being appointed to head the investigation.


  1. What's this got to do with God?

  2. God worked it out that Ben Ari should be the one leading the investigation, despite its not supposed to work that way..

    seems like He has a sense of humor to me..


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