Jan 30, 2011

Quote Of The Day

I have been mandated by the people.

-- Mohamed ElBaradei on forming a new government in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood...

oh, did they hold a vote?


  1. Yes!
    El Baradei and the Muslim Brotherhood voted to form a government together :)

  2. Do they need to hold a vote? Allah the merciful and all powerful wishes them to so why ask the people?

  3. In those parts, it's pretty much that whomever is left alive at the end of the day is clearly mandated by the people.

  4. Egyptians aren't fighting for democracy. They are attempting to throw off the yoke of Mubarak's oppressive rule, to replace it with Shariyah law and Islamic Fundamentalism. Weep for the Women of Egypt as you may never see their faces again in public. Weep for their daughters who may soon be forced into female circumcision. Weep for all of the Middle East as this plague of Islamic tyranny sweeps across the region.


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