Jan 30, 2011

Rabbi Yehuda Levin Defends Glenn Beck (video)


  1. For the interviewer to say "Ailey LIED when describing what the 400 Rabbis wanted" twice, is nothing more than his attempt to win points for MSNBC vs. Fox, without dissecting the situation with any meaning.

    But his two guests aren't very clear either.

  2. Ki "Befes" Hargu IshJanuary 30, 2011 10:23 AM


    Do you know anything about the "Oriental 2" sushi fiasco this week?

  3. I dont have any secret information. I saw the same emails everyone else saw.
    I dont see a problem with exposing a business that claims it has a hechsher but really does not.

  4. http://www.jerusalemkoshernews.com/2011/01/update-from-badatz-agudah-regarding-sushiagogo/#more-4603

    Rafi....read this and review your last comment

  5. what needs to be amended? they had a private mashgiach (who for some reason has chosen to not renew the arrangement), not the aguda hechsher they claimed to have. Meanign they have no hecsher now, and until now they did not have the hechsher they claimed to have.

  6. the JKn post makes it clear that the problem was the mashgiach using the aguda name but not informing the aguda of his arrangement.
    As far as I can tell the business owner was not attempting to defraud anybody with false claims, as he had a private hechsher but seems to have thought he had an aguda hechsher. So everything was fine until now, except for the mistaken use of the name of a hechsher.
    Now the mashgiach is no longer continuing his arrangement (the aguda probably told him they would fire him if he did anything like this again) and the sushi business will have to get a real hechsher.

  7. Rafi,

    No matter how you slice it both Rabbi Malinowitz and JKN made the announcement that the food had no hechsher.

    I spoke to one of the owners this morning who told me that neither Rabbi Malinowitz or JKN has contacted them to apologize for the misunderstanding and the misinformation.

    Poshut middos here.

  8. Ki "Befes" Hargu Ish is right on point.

    Rabbi Malinowitz and Yechiel Spira made these local owners of Sushiagogo sound like liars and cheats when if fact it was the Aguda at fault.

    I want an apology on my BTYA email just like I received the false alert.

  9. does anyone know how this issue got raised int he first place? why were they looking into the situation at sushiagogo now?
    and why was the owner never spoken to?

  10. Ki - you shouldn't title this "oriental 2" because that restaurant was not involved whatsoever, but rather a sushi delivery company. It creates misunderstandings for those not on the email lists.

  11. I think Rav Malinowitz has overstepped his bounds. he somehow thinks he has the need, or maybe obligation, to control the whole neighborhood, and tell everyone what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad.
    In the process, in his haste to investigate the whole neighborhood, he is hurting people who are just trying to make a living.

    I think it is time to tell Rav malinowitz that he should stick to beis tefilla and leave Ramat Beit Shemesh to us. I dont know how to tell him that, maybe when he says one thing (like dont eat at sushiagogo) we should all start buying from them, when he wants a shiur or guest speaker, nobody should go (except his shul members) no matter how interesting the topic is, etc.

    The good people of RBS are highly capable and we have other rabbonim in the neighborhood. We dont need him to publicize announcements about which restaurants are ok and which are not. He thinks he is G-d's gift to kashrus and RBS. He is mistaken.

  12. The only thing I'd say is it was kinda funny Beis Tefilla was renting to this caterer with sketchy kashrus when the shul itself is trying to be more makpid on real hechsherim and good ones too. But at least they did straighten that out eventually.

    Sushiagogo still shows badatz-agudah on their home page, and it never was under that hechsher. Why do you think it's so wrong to publicize that?

    Who cares if it was the mashgiach's fault for misleading the store - the store is responsible for paperwork and if "sushiagogo" wasn't explicitly added to its restaurant hechsher, the store LET ITSELF BE MISLED.

    Maybe people asked JKN to check into it since their deliveries arrived without any badatz-aguda emblem on it, and they knew JKN would invest the time to get to the bottom of it.

  13. On The Sushi TrailJanuary 30, 2011 12:22 PM

    Rafi G: does anyone know how this issue got raised int he first place? why were they looking into the situation at sushiagogo now?
    and why was the owner never spoken to?

    Answer: Actually, Rav Malinowitz' latest kashrus assassination, on Friday, this time targeting a local teenage initiative supplying sushi, is an act of direct revenge for the letter which BTYA shul members sent around last week to their fellow shul members and blogs, in support of Lema'an Achai.

    This particular sushi business is *directly* connected to Lema'an Achai.

    Not only was this attack and hastily assembled investigation, factually incorrect (Rav Malinowitz subsequently back-tracked - but far short of the retraction and apology which is now required)...

    It is, regretfully, yet another act by Rav Malinowitz of personal intimidation against Lema'an Achai, in order to shut up David Morris on the child abuse issue.

    Will anyone stop Rabbi Malinowitz on his jihad?

  14. I have created a post for this topic, please comment there, respectfully, and not on thsi post. I am shutting down comments in this post now.


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