Jan 20, 2011

The McFalafel Takes On The Falafel

In Israel, even the fast food is basically healthy. Perhaps a bit too much oil, but basically healthy. Israel's fast food is falafel, which consists of salad, tehina, falafel balls made from chick/garbonzo and chumus. How unhealthy could it possibly be?

The junky fast food that can be found in Israel is all recent "imports" from the US, such as McDonalds and the like. Now, after they ruined the hamburger (I have never eaten one, but I mean "ruined" in the sense of their contribution to obesity by making an extremely unhealthy menu of fast food), they are shooting for the falafel.

McDonalds has announced that they will begin serving the McFalafel in their restaurants in Israel. If the falafel stands are worried, they needn't be, considering that according to INN, McDonalds will be selling the McFalafel for 10 NIS, which is cheaper than the average falafel stand, but on the other hand for that price they are only including 3 falafel balls (in addition to the salad). It looks like they are not even including the french fries, a.k.a. chips. It looks like the McFalafel will be relatively much more expensive than the regular Israeli falafel. 

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