Jan 20, 2011

Eida Slashes Prices

I was in the supermarket today and I noticed Hiddurim chickens being at a cheaper price than I I have ever seen before. They are generally the most expensive of all the brands, and even when on sale they only come down to about mid-range among the various mehadrin brands. Today they were the cheapest by a a couple shekels per kilo.

Hiddurim brand chickens is under the supervision and kashrus certification of the Eida Haredis.

I wonder if because of the scandal with the mashgiach Rav Shwimmer accusing the Eida of treifus they feel the need to lower prices to try to get people to continue to buy Eida. Either they are losing business because of the controversy and are trying to get it back, or they are trying to keep current customers by price seduction. Maybe they feel if they can ride it out a bit, with lower prices dragging people in, maybe eventually people will forget the scandal...

Or maybe not. Maybe all it is is a sale.


  1. The last chicken I bought was very disappointing to me. I'm used to clean fresh fresh chicken from the butcher the morning after shechting. I started going to a butcher in Meah Shearim for a monthly purchase, but now need to rethink the whole inyun. While it was fresh it was in a sad shape? I don't like buying pkgd chicken that might be sitting a couple days. an expert I spoke to said that the tale was all hearsay at the present.

    Can you back up your allegations with verification by a kashrus expert? I'd like to be able to contact another person in the field.

    Much of what goes on is in the dark because of reputations and money!

  2. Mehadrin Min HaMehadrinJanuary 21, 2011 12:33 PM

    Does this mean that the Hiddurim people can actually produce Super Kosher chicken cheaper than they have been.

    So those people with many children, B''H who have trouble making ends meet and insist on "hidur" chicken are being taken advantage off?

    That is a worse schandal on the pasrt of the Eida if you ask me.

  3. I think their general profit model needs the higher price ranges. But that the lack of purchasing due to recent press prompted a price cut in order to keep the stock moving rather than rotting unsold.

    Nechama it sounds like you need to consult (a) other cooks regarding where to get good fresh chickens and (b) a Rav about what to do regarding Hiddurim.


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