Jan 30, 2011

Mubarak Should Beware Of The Zionist Sharks

Al Jazeera has had a major part in the uprising in Egypt, though not nearly as major a part as Twitter and Facebook have had. That is why the Egyptian government has already tried to block access to twitter and Facebook, and is now shutting down the local Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera reported yesterday that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak might be fleeing the country, with Tel Aviv as his planned destination. They claim the source for the report is the Egyptian embassy in tel Aviv, as they are making plans for his arrival, after Saudi Arabia rejected his request.

Personally I do not believe it. Mubarak could go to many places, the favorite among exiled Arab leaders has always been London. Why would he go to Tel Aviv when he never even came to Israel on a diplomatic trip throughout the attempts to mediate in the peace process? Israel's prime ministers, presidents, and ministers went to Egypt many times, yet Mubarak has always refused to go to Israel. I don't see why he would start now, unless London and everyone else also rejected his travel plans. But then perhaps Israel should reject him as well, if he is being overthrown - why offer him refuge?

News reports are already saying the Mubarak's family has fled to London, and now Mubarak himself has fled to Sharm el-Sheik. Perhaps he is on his way to Tel Aviv. I would advise him while he stays in Sharm el Sheik that he should be careful of the Zionist sharks in the waters there.

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  1. It wouldn't be much fun for him in Tel Aviv. The EU, in anticipation of his departure, announced they're disappointed in him - I'm sure those leftists in Tel Aviv will prove fair weather friends also.

    Personally I'd rather the burden of protecting him put on a different country than ours.


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