Feb 2, 2011

Email Of The Day

This came on an email list I subscribe to...

Posted on Facebook by an Israeli:
"Dear Egyptian Rioters,
Please don't damage the pyramids. We will not rebuild.
Thank you."


  1. I got a big laugh out of this. Thanks!

  2. Cute, but I think it's pretty well established that the Jews did not build the pyramids.

  3. yeah, the theory, or proof, is the well tended bodies they found buried in the vicinity of the pyramids, indicating the builders were paid laborers rather than slaves. if I am not mistaken.

  4. According to comedian Stephen Wright, it was a guy named Eddie.
    Still funny.

  5. The verse says they were "storage cities", not "tomb monuments."

    According to Sotah 11a, the buildings we built were on a swamp (Pitom = pi tehom) and a location where for some reason buildings would collapse (Ramses taken as being from mitroses). IOW, a point of the story was that all the work was futile -- not monuments that would still be gawked at millennia later.


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