Jan 20, 2014

Interesting Posts #528

1. a nice article (in Hebrew) in the real estate section of Ynet describing the neighborhood of RBS

2. Haredi women want to run marathons - this woman is Chabad, which is not necessarily the same as the classic Haredi woman, but she is a personal trainer. There are other women that are, some more some less, Haredi that also run that are not the subject of the article.

3. will Israel Railways finally reach Eilat?

4. Patience is a virtue

5. 10% of Haredi teens in Bnei Brak are OTD

6. Ben Greenfield came to Israel for the Israman Iron Man as part of a sports blogger tour.. here are some of his interesting posts: 1, 2, 3 - and no, despite his Jewy sounding name, Ben Greenfield is not Jewish

7. donate to Eli Cohen's campaign for the upcoming elections

8. NY Post made a splash with their recent sensationalist headlines about Stark's murder.. now they are back with the sexiest rabbis of 2013

9. the warped perspective on tzniyut

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  1. New acronym for me 'OTD'. Thanks for the running blog posts. Very well written - someone paid attention in English class.

    1. thanks. your welcome. what was well-written? this list of blog posts?


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