Jan 30, 2014

our suffering MKs

I feel bad for the Members of Knesset of Israel. They are treated badly, probably don't earn much of a salary for their work on behalf of the public, their movement is restricted, they are basically tormented in their service of the public.

I feel horrible. All that they have to suffer, just so they can serve little old me and you.

MK Nissim Zeev (Shas) complained about the recent trip nearly 60 MKs took to Poland for International Holocaust Day.

Right when he got back from Poland he went to the Knesset and complained about the trip - Zeev said they got to Poland, and the trip was important and the Knesset was able to send a strong international message. However, the trip could have been done in a more bountiful way - they didn't get to sleep, they had to eat sandwiches much of the day, and sometimes they were in places with no lavatories. Zeev said they should have been able to stop at a hotel to relax, have a tea and coffee, etc.
source: NRG

poor baby. they had to eat sandwiches. sandwiches they didn't pay for. They only make upwards of 35,000 NIS per month (some make more), in addition to having additional budgets for various types of expenses, and trips that are paid for either via private sponsors or from public coffers.. Poor Nissim Zeev and other MKs just had to suffer through 2 days of a trip to a foreign country and had to sustain themselves with just sandwiches.

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  1. Heh. Tell him to pack a self-heating meal or two next year.

  2. that he complains about his food while visiting concentration camps just adds to the irony.

  3. Question: did the MK say birchas hagomel for not bursting his bladder and not starving. Did he ask Auschwitz survivors to support him in that position.

    The guy is worse than a loser. He is a whiner.

  4. Nice how you took the tefel and made it the ikar like the secular media did (your source - religious-friendly NRG). Is this all that Rav Nissim said when he came back or just some meaningless chit-chat as part of a broader interview. Why didn't you report about how the MKs whined and tried to get out of the towing fine because they had parked in short-term parking and since the plane was delayed, their cars were towed to long-term and fined?
    C'mon, don't stoop to that level.

    1. it was also reported in the haredi media, and in print newspapers. I pointed to NRG because thats where I saw it first. they didnt make it up. since my post, I have seen people point to various articles on the same topic and make much harsher comments - such as, "my grandmother also had similar complaints (of being tired and hungry) when she was in Auschwitz"

    2. Funny you mentioned the Haredi media. Lately, I've been getting very impatient with the 'Haredi new-media'. They've seem to growing more and more sensationalist just like the secular media. So they might keep their rule of no s3x and violence (ah..) but the rechilut, loshon hara, and rechilut is too much for what I'd expect from clean media.


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