Jan 20, 2014

Zionist Potatoes caught spying in Kuwait!

January seems to be a bad month for Israeli vegetables. At least ones that are caught trying to spy in Arab countries.

Last year in January some Israeli peppers were caught in a market of Lebanon. The peppers were arrested, and the discovery caused an uproar in Lebanon.

This year it is Israeli potatoes that seem to have been caught in the markets of Kuwait. An investigation is being launched to figure out how these potatoes snuck into the country undetected. The managers of the market deny selling any Israeli potatoes - they claim the potatoes are from Jordan, and the label is a forgery - someone playing a prank or trying to make them look bad.

If they are from Jordan, it is possible Jordan exported to Kuwait potatoes that originated in Israel. Jordan has peace, and commerce, with Israel. True or not, its nice to see how something so mundane can set them off...

These Zionist vegetables are really out of control.

Sources: Elder of Zion,  some Kuwaiti news site

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