Jan 29, 2014

The Four-State Solution

What started out, by the Partition Plan, as a Two-State Solution, eventually became a One-State Solution. Peace negotiations has most, or at least many, Israelis at a consensus for a Two State Solution. In reality, even with a Two State Solution, if it should ever happen, it would really be a Three-State Solution, because Gaza and the West Bank authorities are not working together and do not get along, and would most likely remain separate entities. It might even become a Four-State Solution.

Baruch Marzel is proposing the establishment of a new state called Judea. To me this sounds like going back to the days of Herod and earlier.

Marzel said that in the event of a peace deal in which land is given to the Palestinians, the stetlers should have the option of remaining in their homes. However, theywould not agree to remaining under the authority of a terror state, and would instead establish their own state. the plans have already been drawn up, after much work and investment, and they would establish a new State, called Judea, between the State of Israel and the State of Palestine.

Another thought - a lot of people accuse US President Barak Obama of hating Israel and working against it. The thing is, when thinking about it, that it seems Obama is really right in line with what many Israelis want, and what PM Netanyahyu keeps saying he wants -a Two-State Solution (see above for the actual number).

It is really the Palestinians who seem to reject every offer and it is the Palestinians who want a One-State Solution.

That being the case, it would seem that Obama really hates the Palestinians, not the Israelis.

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  1. This is an old idea, but always one on the sidelines ready to go if need be. It will of course fail if it is even remotely anything like the Yesha Council, which was long ago nicknamed the Pesha (or Resha or Yeshu) Council.

    Many Israelis want a 2-state solution? Who?

    Time and time again we have seen the same old statistics of who the average Israeli is: traditional, if not religious, right of center, and against giving up land.

  2. sounds like the four state solution would lead to the Final Solution. This is all gas for a land mass the size of New Jersey and less wide than the distance between the Eastern edge of Dallas and the Western edge of Fort Worth. That distance if about 50 miles. From the beach in Netanya to the Jordan River, the crow flying distance is 40 miles. Only the Ba'al Kerry can split that pea.


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