Jan 28, 2014

Interesting Posts #529

1. the new book "People of the Book" is on sale at Feldheim. it looks really interesting, so now would be a good opportunity to buy it at a discounted price
described as:
The invention of the printing press created a revolution for Jews everywhere. Who could imagine at that time the extraordinary benefits that printing would bring to world Jewry?

“People of the Book” vividly describes the invention itself, and then takes us through five hundred years of Hebrew printing, from the earliest products of fifteenth-century printers to those of modern times.

Author and teacher Akiva Aaronson introduces us to the first printed editions of the classic sefarim: Talmud, Rambam, Arba’ah Turim, Shulchan Aruch, and many more. Meet the famous Hebrew printers of previous generations: Soncino, Bomber, Romm, Heidenheim, Bak and others. Visit the Jewish communities where Hebrew printing took place, from its earliest days until the present: Venice, Salonika, Prague, Amsterdam, Slavita, Warsaw and Vilna, to name a few.

Weaving lively text with over two hundred magnificent, full-color photographs of original Hebrew volumes, “People of the Book” is truly a journey through time- Jewish time- over five centuries of Hebrew printing. Follow its odyssey, from persecution and censorship to survival and triumph, set against the phenomenal history of the times in this beautiful coffee-table edition.

2. a Yiddishe Mama in every Israeli

3. Sherlock Homes, Tzohar style

4. whose memory is a blessing? - Rabbi Adlerstein's brilliant critique of a letter to the editor in Hamodia.. best line? "The reader has a point. When Sharon ignored orders and led his troops across the Suez Canal within striking distance of Cairo, thereby singlehandedly turning the course of the Yom Kippur War back in favor of Israel, he could not have been acting as a proud Jew. Chances are, he was just in the mood for some treif pizza, and Cairo seemed like a good place to pick it up."

5. a park for Stella

6. if you need someone to do something, ask someone who is already busy

7. about the round Noah's Ark

8. a nation connected by fishing line

9. how schools can help students find meaning in tefillah

10. can you identify this ship?

11. irresistible, immovable, investigation imminent (super bowl related)

12. how would you like to be called the bdieved ideal?

13. being there for others

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