Jan 29, 2014

Tender winners announced for upgrade of Highway 38!

good news for Bet Shemesh commuters... at least in the long-term.

The next stage in the planned upgrade and renovation of Highway 38 has been arrived at!

The winners of the tender for doing the work between the Shaar HaGay Junction and Bet Shemesh have been chosen and announced.

The Einav company will do the work on the road itself, while Y.D. Barzani will do the work on the overpass to cross the train tracks and the new entrance to Bet Shemesh.

Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz said he will accelerate the project due to its importance. The cost for the roadworks will be 800,000,000 NIS, and should be completed in 3 years.

Mayor of Bet Shemesh Moshe Abutbol thanked the Minister for his efforts for putting all else aside and getting this done and solving the distress of the 100,000 residents of Bet Shemesh, not just in quality of life but also due to the dangerous road conditions that have cost many lives.
source: INN and Bechadrei

For the next 3 years, from whenever it starts, the traffic will probably be worse. But in the long-term it should get better!

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  1. The mayor will try to use this in his re-election campaign, I'm sure, that he pushed for getting this done. But that is his job. The worst thing is not the condition of the roads into Beit Shemesh, but the roads in Beit Shemesh.

  2. Meir,

    What elections? You are assuming that the Supreme Court will uphold the absurd ruling of the lower court. Have you no faith in the Judicial process?

  3. And if the Supreme Court does uphold the lower court's decision, will you have faith in the judicial process even then or will you no longer have faith in it?
    It bothers me when people say (and I heard both Abutbol and his people and Cohen and his people say things to this effect) they have faith in the system, but only as long as it gives them the results they are expecting.

    Faith in the system means you trust it to come to the correct, or best possible, results whether it fits your expectations or not.


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