Jan 20, 2014

summoned to beis din for selling an iphone

According to this story on Kooker, and I have no idea as to the veracity of the story, the owner of a store selling cellular phones in Modiin Ilit has been summoned to beis din for a disciplinary hearing.

The beis din is the beis din for issues of technology, meaning they are behind the enforcement of bans on iphones, smartphones, internet, and the like.

the reason for the hearing is because it was discovered that he had sold an iPhone to an 11 year old boy. When his parents discovered it, they complained to the beis din.

There is a ban in Modiin Ilit against selling on non-kosher phones, and this storekeeper broke not just the ban but he sold it to a kid.

What does not make sense is how a kid could spend upwards of 3000NIS or more on a phone.. where'd he get the money for it? And, how could any store sell such an expensive item to such a young kid without the parents involvement? And, if he also bought a phone line, that means he had to give a credit card - where did an 11 year old kid get a credit card? If he did not buy a phone line, what was he buying the phone for - did he already have a [non-kosher] phone line and was just getting himself a new phone for it?

Strange. Something is missing.

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  1. Yes, but because the kid and the store owner both have handled non-kosher phones, they are no longer valid witnesses in the beis din!!


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