Jan 28, 2014

Kosher halftime show at the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl history is full of mishaps, especially in the halftime show. Recent mishaps include a famous wardrobe malfunction, an entertainer flipping her middle finger at the camera, power outages, and more..

For the first time ever, there will be a kosher alternate halftime show. The halftime show wont be a bunch of shiurim, like the Torah Halftime Show sponsored by YU last year, but will be hosted by the Nachum Segal Network and will feature performances by Avromie Weisberger, Jonathan Rimberg, Ari Boiangiu, and Ethan Bill, some other surprises, and will be headlines by King of Shlock Lenny Solomon.

From JNS:
"The halftime show is a key component of the big game, and the NFL consistently brings the biggest names in contemporary music to play on the main stage. The only issue is that those acts often don't appeal to the Jewish crowd," said radio host Nachum Segal. "We are proud to be providing a quality, kosher alternative that will entertain Jewish audiences and maintain a family-oriented vibe even during halftime."

The program is sponsored by Cedar Market in Teaneck, NJ, Empire Kosher Party and Buffalo Wings and Chicken Nuggets, and the Orthodox Union. After the game, the video will continue to be available for viewing on the network's website, on Youtube ("NachumSegalNet"), and on the network's Facebook page ("Jewish Radio World with Nachum Segal").
"We chose the songs that we believed would make the greatest impact in the short amount of time we had to work with. We wanted to make sure that the positive energy and musical intensity that we felt in the studio would burst off the screen and right into your living room," said Lenny Solomon. 
Even if you could not care less about the teams competing in the game, it looks like it will be worth tuning in for at least the Kosher Halftime Show...

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