Mar 31, 2014

The bureaucrats of Chelm target matza factories

This is just too funny..

The Economics Ministry's administrative office for safety and health in business has sent an administrative order to a number of matza-baking factories, in light of deficiencies and health breaches discovered in these factories. The administrative order gives them 3 weeks to repair the breaches and fix what needs to be fixed - or else they will be shut down.
source: Ladaat

Needless to say, in 3 weeks the matza factories will already be closed as the Pesach season will be long gone.

I would consider that it is a way of warning them without actually punishing them.. but that would probably be giving these bureaucrats too much credit...

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  1. The link doesn't work.

    1. the entire "Ladaat" website has been down all day today.. I imagine when it comes back online, the link will work


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