Jul 21, 2010

Goodbye Mohammad Alkaramla, and good riddance!

Mohammad Alkaramla, the suspect arrested in March of 2009 for mailing a bomb threat to the Ida Crown Hebrew Academy, along with threats to kill and injure various individuals was just convicted.

Sentencing has not yet happened, but Alkaramla faces up to 10 years in prison along with a fine of up to $250,000.
A Jordanian national from the city's Far North Side was convicted today in federal court of mailing a bomb threat to a Jewish school in Chicago, officials said.
Mohammad Alkaramla, 26, of Chicago, was convicted in a two-day bench trial before U.S. District Court Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer, according to U.S. attorney's office spokesman Randall Samborn.

Pallmeyer revoked bond for Alkaramla and ordered him detained pending sentencing, scheduled for Sept. 29, said Samborn.

Alkaramla faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Alkaramla was arrested in March 2009 for mailing a threatening letter where he threatened to kill, injure and intimidate individuals and destroy the building, officials said.

The letter was addressed to numerous rabbis and leaders in the Jewish community and mailed to the Ida Crown Jewish Academy in Chicago, officials said.
Lock em up!


  1. 10 years?
    Less than 40% of Rubashkin?

    Im not sure why - but that doesnt seem to make so much sense. Here is a thief, and here is an attempted murderer of children.

    Is SR's sentance too long, or this guy's too short?

  2. I would see Rubashkins is too long AND this guys is too short (though he has not yet been sentenced - that simply is the maximum he could get).

    But, he didnt really attempt muder. he did not try to blow up the building. All he did was send a threatening letter. A letter is not attempted murder. Had he placed a bomb in the school building, I am sure the maximum sentence would be longer than 10 years.


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