Jul 28, 2010

Eida rejects the pashkevilim

Well, it seems the pashkevilim that were hung were unauthorized.

According to Shmuel Peppenheim, Bechadrei reports, they have been considering finding ways to ban the phenomenon and make it prohibited, and while they have not decided to declare an issur at this point, they definitely have not come out in support.

While there are no claims that the signs were forged, just that they are a number of years old and the Eida is not currently promoting the wearing of the shawl (Peppenheim uses the term - this extremist mode of dress), the fact is that it is an Eida sign, albeit an old one, and the Eida is obviously not really so against it, even if right now they are not willing to speak out one way or the other.

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  1. I wonder if they're realizing that that old pashkevil was a step down the slippery slope, or if they're looking for clear language to distinguish between rabinically approved shawls versus progressive-feminist burkas.

    (That really is the biggest irony isn't it - women are choosing an otherwise oppressive mode of dress, yet in this case feminism it's against the wishes of their husbands, against the guidance of Rabbanim. But I've said that before.)


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