Jul 18, 2010

QOTD: The conversion bill

[The conversion bill] create a rift among the Jewish people

-- PM Netanyahu

I dont know if the bill is good or bad, but in the current makeup of our country, I don't see who else can be authorized to control conversions (or marriage or divorce) besides for the state authorized Rabbanut.

It is not like they would be giving control to the Eida or other similar groups. It would be under the control of the Rabbanut. What is the point of having a Rabbanut if the State doesn't trust them to act properly?

As long as we do not have a constitutional division between shul and state, I don't see who else can be authorized to control this. It might not be the best solution, but tell me who else it would be reasonable to give the authority to..


  1. I can understand why Conservative and Reform Jews are upset with it. But considering they are disappearing from the Jewish people, will their opinion really matter to Israeli Jews a century from now? If the only Jews who survive are the Orthodox, the current rumpus over the conversion bill amounts to a lot of static, not really about anything other Jewish denominations have done or are doing to preserve themselves for the future.

  2. I would suggest you talk to the non-religious in Israel. They fear and loath the Rabanut because of perceived prejudice and uncaring. I have a friend who refused to get married because under no circumstances did they want to be involved with the rabanut,not for the wedding and certainly not for the potential divorce.

    The Dati-Leumi feel left out by the rabanut, because there are almost zero dati-leumi rabanim in the rabanut. The system smells of nepotism and politics.

    That's why perhaps the Rabanut should not be given a monopoly.

  3. Elliot - my response to that would be to fix the Rabbanut. i dont see anyone else who can be given such authority. Who else would you recommend be given this authority? I only see the Rabbanut, and I say if there is a problem with them, fix it. Stop the influence from outside UO rabbis. Stop the infiltration of non-zionist rabbis. improve the selection process to stop taking corrupt rabbis. etc. or whatever it takes.
    but who else would you give it to? politicians that are just as or more corrupt? politicians and diplomats who are responsible to the groups that supported them and appointed them and are not objective?

    To whom would you give such authority?


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