Jul 20, 2010

Har HaBayit, Tisha B'Av, 5770 (video)


  1. Rafi,

    Two questions:
    1) How does one find out about these things ahead of time in order to go?

    2) The sound isn't so great, what is going on with the policeman around the 4min mark?

  2. 1. I dont know. word of mouth I suppose. doesnt loo like an official event - probably the rabbi (Rav Ariel), a few followers he told when he would be goign, and a few people who just happened to be going up at the same time. Thats my guess.

    2. I think the cop was telling them to finish up and leave.

  3. I guess they are of the opinion that you can go to the mikveh on 9Av?? (which you need to do on the day you go up to har ha bayit)

  4. you are allowed to go to the mikva on 9av. It is a deoraisa mitzva and therefore allowed.
    The problem is finding an open mikva. you can go to a stream, but mikvas are usually closed (I have tried in the past). there is no need to go the same day, it is just better because it ensures your tahara status. if you go the day before and be careful it is also ok.

  5. The police are being intentionally intimidating by getting in peoples faces with video cameras and constantly questioning what they're doing on Har HaBayit. This is a standard practice of them on Jewish tours of Har HaBayit.

    If you stop they try to push you along, and if you move along they get in your way and want to know where you're going.

    While never completely stopping you, they make it...uncomfortable.

  6. @Akiva

    And here I thought I lived in a Jewish state.


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