Jul 27, 2010

using Protexia from above to get a get

The Mishpacha newspaper from this past week reported on a miraculous story of solving an agunah.

The story takes place in New Square, USA. Where all the Skverer Hassidim live. They opened up their camp, "Camp Malka" to people from Lakewood and other communities in New York. The girls, 16 year olds, were taken on a trip to New Square to tour the town, daven at the graves of previous rebbes and to go in, as a group, to the Admor and receive words of inspiration and bracha.

A counselor noticed one of the girls who was very disturbed and emotional. She approached the girl and suggested that she write a kvittel for the rebbe, if she has a personal issue. The girl, not being a Skverer Hassid, refused. The counselor suggested that after they go in as a group, perhaps she will feel differently, and if she should change her mind and want a word with the rebbe, she would try to help her.

While they were by the rebbe, she started to tell her story in tears. Her sister, it turns out, has been happily married and her husband is one of the best guys in Lakewood (aren't they all???). Shortly before the birth of their third child, the husband became exposed to some bad things (the way it is written sounds like he suddenly found the internet and fell into some bad ways) and gave in to his Yetzer Ha'Ra. His descent was sharp and quick.

Eventually this husband picked himself up and left her. he just disappeared. Abandoned his wife and kids, abandoned religion, and disappeared.

The first couple of years they tried to stay in contact, and they tried to influence him in all sorts of ways to give her a get. He refused every time. Now he has been gone for 3 years, and in the last year he has completely disappeared leaving no trace of his whereabouts. He moved around a lot and is gone - they cannot find him.

The wife sits home and cries, and she has decided to ask the rebbe for a bracha for her sister.

The counselor took her in to the gabbai's room and she wrote a kvittel with her sister's name on it, and the husband's name as well.

After the group spoke with the rebbe, she gave him her kvittel and told him the story.

Instead of asking for more details and showing interest and finding out the details, as he usually does, he simply waved it off and said there is nothing to worry about, everything would be good and he gave a bracha.

A few hours later, the following morning the husband calls home, to his wife in lakewood, and says that he has reconsidered and has decided to give her a get right away and get closure. She said she can't fly to where he was located, as she has the little kids, so he said he could come to Lakewood and she should make all the arrangements in beis din for the next day.

He came, he divorced, and he left.

After the divorce, the younger sister told the family about the bracha she had just gotten the day before from the Skverer Rebbe, and the family then took a trip to thank the rebbe for the yeshua.


  1. the gemmora (eruvin 63a) says u shoudn't tell anon moftim...also r avigdor miller says so...

  2. its not anonymous - its the skverer rebbe.
    and the gils side is also not anonymous - just figure out which of the best avreichim in lakewood yeshiva disappeared 4 years ago and became not frum and left his wife...

  3. The teller of the story is anonymous. There is probably more than one guy in Lakewood who left his wife. The story is unconfirmable and based on heresay. It should be treated the same as the best lashon hara...

  4. my cousins (lakewood) never heard...let skrare return the $25000000 they stole from the govt that pres clinton pardoned them of and maybe they will be fittimg...

  5. why should they return the money if Clinton pardoned them?

  6. I said "like" lashon hara. You're not supposed to believe unsubstantiated detrimental heresay. I say the same goes for miracle stories. They are detrimental to your intellect :-). As for why they should return the money, isn't a hasid supposed to be someone who goes lifnim mi-shurat hadin? Don't they call themselves hasidim? And what about the hillul hashem? I think that's a few good reasons.

  7. about returning the money, lifnim meshuras ha'din in this case would probably be to not return the money.

    Hear me out. :-)

    The money needs to be returned to goyim. While it is assur to steal from non-Jews, there is no mitzva of hashavas aveida to a non-Jew. In Halacha, giving the money in this case would probably be considered hashavas aveida, especially because the government was already mochel it. Ergo, they should not return the money.

  8. "The Best Boy In Lakewood", huh? The moral of the story is, that's what you get for not marrying a MAN.

  9. Maybe the husband discovered 10 things to do in Tel Aviv on your blog and it looked much more exciting than Lakewood.

  10. wait'll you see whats comin tomorrow!

  11. Maybe the husband discovered 10 things to do in Tel Aviv on your blog and it looked much more exciting than Lakewood.


  12. Rafi,

    aside form the kiddush hashem reason for returning the money, and aside from the fact that it is mamon harabim, of which some are frum jews, there is another reason.

    l'shitascha, you who hold by stories, the famous story of the jew who returned money to the goyish postal worker in Europe who became so impressed that he saved Jews thru the holocause. Here's a story disproving your halacha!

  13. shaya - I dont know what you mean by "hold by stories". A story is a story. I have no idea if any specific story is true or not, but a good story is still a good story.

    Second of all, a story does not disprove halacha. A story is just a story, whether it has a good ending or a bad ending. And no matter what a person decides to do in any specific story, and no matter how well or poorly that works out for him, that never changes the halacha.

  14. regardless of the stories, I have heard from a few Rabbis in Chicago, that while there is no mitzvah of hasavas aveidah to a goy, other halachot come into play and one must absolutely return the money/aveidah.

    There are many instances in halacha where one halacha makes something mutar but another may make it assur. This issue is just one of them.

  15. Sorry, but Yeshua doesn't come from a Rebbe. It comes from haKadosh Baruch Hu.


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