Jul 26, 2010

Yeshivat HaBurqa

After the Eida has received letters from people complaining that their wives are starting to wear the burqas and they wanted them banned, the situation has gotten a bit tenser.

Bechadrei is reporting that now, a group of 20 families, I guess the women because it says the men (some of? all of? most of?) dont approve of the burqas at all, has sent a letter to the administration of the school their kids go to saying they are dissatisfied with the school because the wives of the rebbeim do not wear burqas.

Ostensibly they are threatening to remove their children from their school and start their own school.

I would guess that that means they are forming a more official community of their own providing their own services, which will give them a stronger base for future growth.

1 comment:

  1. why is no one decrying the burqa phenomenon as an affront to daas torah? it's only when people are supposed to add a chumra or support a political move?


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