Jul 25, 2010

violent protests in Geulah

Bein HaZmanim has begun. You can tell by the violence in Geulah-Mea Shearim about nothing very specific.

A friend of mine in Geulah sent me these pictures. They are from a protest that took place early this afternoon in Geulah. The group of people from Mea Shearim protesting the selling of clothes that are not tzanua in their neighborhood - not tznua based on materials used, and based on appearance (tight, form fitting, short, etc). They went to a couple of stores and broke window panes.

They promise to keep on top of the situation. There is no way such stuff can be sold in "our neighborhood", just like we would not accept pork being sold in our neighborhood.


  1. memories of kristalnacht...?

  2. Damn! I love the clothes in Cherry-finally thought that Haredi fashion was coming into the 21st century. I guess that's what they were protesting. Miss Shtetl 1802 is more their look!


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