Jul 27, 2010

Standing up to the Sikrikim

The violent troublemakers who use every opportunity to start violent riots - breaking lights, burning garbage cans, throwing rocks, throwing garbage, etc, - either in mea Shearim or out of Mea Shearim, also known by the Hebrew word Sikrikim, are finally being opposed from within the community.

The Eida has called to people to oppose them and to reject them. Moshe Gafni has spoken about the need to demonize them and not praise them (he told the Haredi media that they should take steps to make them sound bad and not good, possibly not use the word sikrikim which has a more romanticized and idealized tone to it - like defenders of the faith).

The other day, in Mea Shearim, some people actually stood up to them.

Bechadrei reports
that a group of these troublemakers started to push garbage cans into the street to burn and block traffic as a sign of protest for the grave digging in Yafo.

A small group of people, both litvishe and hassidic, saw what was going on and went and stopped them. They got in their way. The troublemakers started to fight with them, spitting at them, throwing garbage at them, threw lit cigarettes at them (if they would be using Green Smoke electronic cigarettes it would not have been a problem), and even threw a glass bottle at them.

Somebody in the crowd watching from the side then called the police, saying that he doesnt care about the burning garbage cans, but getting physically violent is crossing the line. Another small group then joined the opponents and went and started to push the can back at the troublemakers and then started to chase after them threatening to beat them up.

Way to go! Little by little, more people should, and will, start to get up the courage to stand up to them.

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