Jul 19, 2010

The Worlds Largest Concentration Camp

Yes, in what has been dubbed "The World's Largest Concentration Camp", also known as Gaza, they opened a mall.

Here are some images from the grand opening:

Gaza is the first concentration camp ever to have a luxury mall.

Here is the Gaza Mall website, run through Google Translator.
And here is the news report on the grand opening from paltimes.net run through Google Translator.


  1. I invoke Godwin's Law. You lose.

    Seriously, is it necessary to make cynical use of the term "concentration camp", especially on Erev Tisha B'Av?

  2. that is what the leftists who protest Israels siege and blockade on Gaza call it. They call it the worlds largest concentration camp. or the worlds largest open air concentration camp.
    The point of this post is to show how often do concentration camps have luxury malls...

  3. in comments @ Muqata someone pointed out and I agree, not sure why to call the mall "luxury" - there must be a better term. I'm from LA and only a couple of malls there were considered luxury, yet I'm sure all our malls are at least as fancy as the one in Gaza.

  4. I guess for Gaza it is a luxury mall

  5. A mall is simply a dedicated area with many retail shops. Luxury because it's all indoors, probably air conditioned and kept very clean. The Shuq, Machne Yisrael or even the Merkaz in RBS are also malls, but not luxury.

  6. I guess for Gaza it is a luxury mall

    If you say that, then it's not a big deal that it's a "luxury" mall. The reason right-wing bloggers are getting all in a tizzy about this is that it ostensibly shows that the situation in Gaza isn't really so bad - See? They have a luxury mall. But if it's only relatively luxurious, then it shows nothing.

    Another spin on this is that the Gaza concentration camp is so large, it even has its own mall.


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