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Nov 19, 2013

Aryeh and Gil Gat on Kochav Ha'Ba, Mee Ha'Ish He'Chafetz Chaim (video)

The Gat Brothers, Aryeh and Gil Gat (Aryeh is from Bet Shemesh, and Gil is from Jerusalem), continued their performance on the Kochav Ha'Ba, Upcoming Star, show.. this time they performed a "Jewish song" (technically Simon and Garfunkel songs are also Jewish, but I mean Jewish content, aka Hassidic songs)..

take a look at the reception they receive for it...

מי האיש החפץ חיים..

here is a clip of just the performance.. the second clip is of the performance along with a meeting and discussion with the third musician joining them and the post-performance voting..

the full clip..

and yes, one of the judges of the performance is [name restricted from publication by gag order], a performer recently in the news under suspicion for committing heinous acts... take lesson Mr. Golan - סור מרע ועשה טוב...

there is a lot of debate whether their performances in public is considered a Kiddush Hashem or not.

Personally, when they sing Simon and Garfunkel songs, or The Eagles (Hotel California) or other songs, it is nice, but not necessarily a kiddush hashem. Their behavior in public might be, especially when so many similarly dressed people are in the news for bad things, and here come these two soft-spoken people and talk and act like mentchen in public and act in a way that causes people to like them, and thereby also perhaps like religion or religious Jews even just a bit more than previously... maybe it is a Kiddush Hashem..

And when they perform a song like this in front of thousands of people and draw out such emotion, surely it is a Kiddush Hashem..

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