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Nov 28, 2013

Civil War in Bet Shemesh?

The election drama in Bet Shemesh is still an open book, and another page was turned when the Attorney General yesterday called upon the courts to invalidate the original election form this past October and call for new elections.

The only way the courts would do this is if they are convinced that the fraud was so widespread that it influenced the elections in general and did not just affect a small number of locations. If they become convinced of that, holding new elections that will be clean will be an important step, but I dread the thought of going through another election, reawakening the anger and hatred we saw in the original election with the good chance that it will be ratcheted up and get worse during a second election.

With the Attorney General's recommendation on the books, the news media outlets have once again turned to Bet Shemesh and are busy again interviewing anything that moves in the city. One of the things Moshe Abutbol has said with regularity on the various radio stations is that it is a shame that some politicians can't accept the decision of the voters and are dragging Bet Shemesh into a civil war..

civil war? would it really get that bad? I expect it to be worse, if that is even possible, but civil war?

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  1. Why is the AG submitting recommendations before the police have concluded their investigations? Is this also incitement, like the type of thing we've seen with Leiberman?

    1. It's just a wee bit possible that the AG has more information than is available to the public.

  2. I dont know how that process works, but in an article I read his recommendation is based on what the police told him they have discovered in the investigation. Maybe they finished or are near the end. It was announced today that the court will hear the appeals on December 10.

  3. according to what I am told by my friend Pesach Wolicki who posted this information online.. The court has 30 days from yesterday to come to a decision. There will be a preliminary hearing on Dec. 10th, 12 days from now. From that date, there will be about 2 and a half weeks left until the decision. In the event that the court decides to call for new elections, the election will take place 120 days after the decision; i.e. around the end of April

  4. It seems simple to me. The Charedim already voted twice, so now it's our turn.

  5. the AGs report was pretty serious.. I read through some of it... much more than just 30 forged teudat zehuts... if the allegations are true..

  6. It's my understanding that the AGs recommendation was based on technical legal considerations and does not reflect special knowledge or evidence. The technical reason being a post election legal deadline to file a complaint so the AG files a complaint now and gains time until the next stage to actually have the relevant authorities prove their case. If the evidence at that time isn't enough, nothing happens, but if it is and the AG hadn't filed, there would have been no recourse. It can be assumed that the AG isn't filing a complaint stam, but it doesn't mean their actually hard evidence at this point, if what I heard is correct.


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