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Nov 27, 2013

Interesting stats on the Haredi community

Mercaz Taub published their annual report on the socio-economic trends in Israel, and they have an entire section dedicated to the Haredi community. It is way too much for me to read through, so I am going to rely on external reports of what was reported on, but you can see the full section of the report if you want to read through it.

Some of the interesting statistics in the Taub report:

  • of all Haredim who hold an academic degree, 71% are actually working
  • of all Haredim who do NOT hold an academic degree, 34% are working
  • average monthly salary for Haredi with academic degree: 13,656 NIS 
  • average monthly salary for Haredi without academic degree: 7,580 NIS 
  • among 80% of married Haredi couples, neither spouse holds a degree
  • in 5% of Haredi households both of the spouses hold a degree
  • about 50% of male Haredim have completed only elementary school or less. This number has increased from 30% a decade ago.
  • of Haredim above the age of 75, 56% had learned in Yeshivot Gedolot, while among Haredi males between 25 and 34 years of age, 90% have learned in yeshivot gedolot.
  • of Haredi females i the workplace, about 50% hold an academic degree
  • the average salary of Haredi women working with an academic degree has increased and now stands at 8844 NIS per month
(source: Kikar)

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