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Nov 17, 2013

Interesting Posts #519

1. Saying goodbye

2. goodbye Star

3. the first auf ruf

4. the narrative of the Knesset

5. 10 tips for 20 years of marriage

6. Sabbath hipsters

7. boycott Scholastic?

8. Was Eisav a vampire?

9. the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem

10. between zero and 48.5% - child abuse

11. when will my blog go viral?

12. I am woman, hear me roar

13. what is happening in the Haredi community in relation to its Rabbis?

14. Israelis protest breastfeeding harassment 

15. when to say no to tzedakah

16. as if

17. making the mikvah experience miserable

18. Haveil Havalim Vayishlach

19. women and Israeli demockracy

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for including Havel Havelim among the interesting posts in your round-up.


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