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Nov 28, 2013

MK Lipman vs Degel (video)

when Minister Aharonovitch said the police had not investigated a certain incident of spitting in Bet Shemesh in which a Haredi man had spit on a woman, and therefore for the police it is as if it never happened (because it was not reported), MK Gafni flipped out and demanded Yair Lapid apologize, mentioned the famous Friday night television show that featured Bet Shemesh.. MK Mozes also spoke up in a similar fashion... MK Lipman then defended Lapid saying that in that show Lapid had never mentioned Haredim and never mentioned a spitting incident -that show was about the general atmosphere and attacks by Orot, not any one specific incident... and here you have what is often the best show in town - the Knesset.

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1 comment:

  1. My wife is an educator in a girls' ulpana in RBS A. Back in 2007, there were Havganot outside of the school (when it was located in 'their' neighborhood) and my wife was personally spit on already in 2007. Does MK Gafni want to call her a liar also?


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