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Nov 13, 2013

Headline of the Day

PA: Jews Poisoned Arafat 'Like Prophet Mohammed

  -- INN

I was not aware that we Killed Mohammed. So we have killed Jesus, Mohammed and Arafat. Any others? Did we kill Lincoln? Kennedy? I guess we killed Rabin.. We did kill Eichmann... What about Ceasar? Any other religious leaders in whose name a religion was started? Joseph Smith?

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  1. Well I know we killed Kenny

  2. Sarcasm doesn't go well on the Internet. "So we have killed Jesus, Mohammed and Arafat." Look right here, an Israeli blogger admits it...

  3. Wow. What a great sin! To kill Arafat! It was something we should have done years before, especially during the 1982 First Lebanon War, when we had him surrounded in Beirut. I believe the Israeli army took photos of him, and gave them to the Americans, who were dumfounded why if we could photo him, we didn't kill. So we killed Arafat. I would be so proud if that is in fact true. What is really interested is that the PA said Jews not Israelis, a slip of the tongue or the pen, but important, as the PLO or PA or whatever you call them, would always state they don't have a problem with Jews only Israelis, and considering that they love Neturei Karta, who have a seat in the PA "government", NK should complain of antisemitism.


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