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Nov 28, 2013

Summer vacation being shortened

A parent's dream come true?

Every year the summer arrives, the kids go on vacation from school, and we parents start complaining. The vacation is even known in Hebrew as "Hachofesh Hagadol", and the name is very appropriate considering how long the vacation is. Parents still work, so the kids are either largely unsupervised, going to work with the parents and getting in the way, going to day camps which gets very expensive when the vacation is so long and other solutions parents find.

For years the Ministry of Education has been suggesting possible solutions of extending the school year or adjusting the vacation schedule - but they have never actually done anything serious about it. Finally, that day looks to be here.

According to Ynet, the Ministry of Education is planning on starting a new program this summer. They will be significantly extending the school year and cutting the vacation, but not with formal education and classrooms. The program will be launched for first and second graders, and will later be extended to include more classes.

The program is planned to take 3 weeks of the vacation period and have teachers teach in the form of a day camp, of sorts. Pay will be determined by the city or town's socio-economic standing, and will be divided between the parents and the government.

This can both save the parents some money, and keep the kids in a structured program and save them from the boredom of the long summer vacation...

This might even be a sign of Mashiach's impending arrival...

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