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Nov 14, 2013

Proposed Law: Changing a word

Another interesting, or perhaps "ridiculous" is a better description, law proposal passed yesterday is the one put forth by MKs Nachman Shai (Labor) and Robert Elituv (Likud Beyteynu). Their law would remove the word "maavid" from the lexicon and replace it with the word "maasik".

Both words in Hebrew mean "employer", but they say that the word "maavid" has negative connotations and poorly represents proper work relations. They think "maavid" relates back to dark times in history - to the days of a master and slave relationship, with a connotation of aggression.

Is this really so important? do we need a law to change the usage of this or that word and replace it, by law, with a different word? Maybe we should take the dictionary and make a law passing each word as a word to be used, or to not be used, in the Hebrew language!

The proposers of the law argue that it is not just semantics, but has ramifications in the public discourse and in the workplace. They point out that in some places, the law is already written using the word "maasik", and this new law, if it will pass, will have any law written in the realm of labor issues to change the usage of the word "maavid" to "maasik", and to only use maasik in any new laws that will be written.

The proposal passed its initial reading by a vote of 34 MKs in favor to 0 MKs opposed 1 MK abstained). The proposal will now be sent to committee for debate and fine-tuning and will be prepared for further readings in the Knesset.
(source: NRG)

The Knesset is really justifying its paychecks with this one...

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1 comment:

  1. I was afraid you were posting about changes in the National Anthem. This is really shtuyot. Don't the MKs have more important things to worry about?


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