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Nov 27, 2013

death of Arik Einstein on Haredi websites

Arik Einstein was definitely one of the great Israeli singers. Many of his songs are classics in the Israeli music scene and accompany the history of Israel. Surely he was one of the greats.

That being said, I was a bit surprised to see how the Haredi news websites, bar none, all announced his death. The Haredi websites do not usually give time and space to celebrities and Israeli culture, yet Arik Einstein's death was featured on every single Haredi news website. Surprising.

What does it indicate?

Maybe nothing. Or, maybe it says something about Arik Einstein how he was beloved by all, even by those who normally eschew the general Israeli culture and he was able to cross those barriers. Or, maybe it says something about Haredi society that it does not really eschew general culture, but embraces it as long as it does not counter them and their lifestyle.

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  1. Two of his daughters are charedi, married to two of Uri Zohar's sons.

  2. that's what it signifies, that his descendants left haOlam haChiloni vehaYisraeli for the Olam haCharedi......

    1. maybe this is why his הוא חזר בתשובה is mild and comforting , compared to Mati Caspi's anti-BT screed
      היא חזרה בתשובה

  3. Not so much "mild and comforting" as personal and sad, as opposed to angry. Arik grieves the fact that his friend has left him, which is more a reflection of where Uri Zohar was holding at that point in his life than a diatribe.


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