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Dec 18, 2019

arrested on Har Habayit for giving a ring

The other day someone was arrested/detained on Har Habayit for saying Shema Yisrael. In the news media it surprised some and they expressed their shock and frustration that someone could be arrested in the Jewish State for saying Shema.

The only problem with this is that it has been going on for years already. The Israeli police do nto allow any sort of prayer, even any motion that indicates prayer or appearance of prayer, and violators are regularly arrested. Shema is generally said as a prayer, so there is no reason someone saying shema should or would be treated any differently than the was anyone else saying a prayer on Har Habayit has been treated over the past decade plus. So I am not sure why suddenly people are shocked, as if they are not aware of this going on already for so long.

And today, someone was detained on Har Habayit for giving his fiancee a ring on Har Habayit. He also gave her a personal blessing, but he did not propose to here there - they have already been engaged and are set to be married tomorrow evening. As soon as he gave her the ring the police escort arrested him with no explanation. The offending groom was later released.

Mr Groom said he merited giving his wife a ring in the most important place in the world, and for that he traveled all the way from Hadera.
source: Kipa

There is no halachic preference to giving your kalla a ring, or proposing, or marrying, on Har Habayit, but people do all sorts of things there to show how important and central Har Habayit is to them. The police can keep detaining people for the meantime, but as the movement continues to grow, eventually the tipping point will be reached with critical mass and then perhaps the Jews will be allowed to act Jewish and display their Judaism on Har Habayit...

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