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Dec 19, 2019

interesting Shabbos Hannukah event in Bet Shemesh with interesting publicity

The following event has been advertised around Bet Shemesh:

The event is a Thursday night Hannukah kumzitz in honor of Shabbat Hannukah in the Sport Center of RBS. The City of Bet Shemesh invites the residents of Bet Shemesh and Bnei Hayeshivot to the event, and a special gift will be distributed to Bnei Yehivot.  Speakers will include a rosh yeshiva (Rav Gavriel Yosef Levi) and a city councilman (Shmuel Greenberg) and singing will be lead by Avreimi Rot and Dudu Kalish with choirs and a band. The event is Thursday night of Hannukah from 7pm until 11pm (doors open at 6:30pm), entry is free but no kids due to limited space available.

Interestingly, the sign is signed off by two city councilmen who are named as Rav Chaim Zamora and Rav Shlomo Brilant (both from UTJ), and the mayor, Aliza Bloch, who is left unnamed.

The fact that her picture has been left off a sign published by the Iryah for an event sponsored by the Iryah is somewhat understandable, despite it being strange, and she has already explained it away on a number of occasions, especially after the mayoral elections in which she posted signs in haredi areas without her image. Leaving her name off when every other person involved is named is just strange and demeaning, as if she does not deserve to exist.

The other interesting part about this is that while I would think such an event, targeting primarily the Bnei Yeshivot, would be open to men only, or at least with strict separate seating, the sign announces the invitation to the residents of Bet Shemesh and the Bnei Yeshivot, with no distinction of gender and no notice of separate seating. Historically that is unusual. I would suspect that they did this out of fear of the event being cancelled, as a number of similar events around the country recently were after protests were filed with the courts for discriminating on the public dime. If so, those court cases accomplished what they set out to do.

On the other hand, this event could easily be explained as a religious event that qualifies for such gender separation, as it is billed as a shabbos hannukah event praising God for the miracles and honoring Shabbos and those who study about the holiness of Shabbos - the courts did say events that are religious in nature could qualify for exceptions.

So, with the event not being separate seating or men only, just go enjoy! Party on!

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  1. Why is publication of name or image correlated with deserving to exist?!

    Your mindset has been brainwashed like like the rest of modern feminist secular society. Such nonsense.

    1. when every other person mentioned is mentioned by name with full name and extra titles, and one is completely left out with just the one main title, it is clear. Why not leave Zamora or Brilant's name off as well, if names are not important? They are not the speakers, so why do their names need to be included?

    2. You've been brainwashed into thinking you think, but you don't. You just blindly follow whatever trash your chosen gods spew in your face. (aka, "da'as torah")

    3. Wow, what a trashy nonsensical comment. Talk about not thinking...

      Of course anybody who doesn't think like you, doesn't think.

      You're always so bitter. Were you molested by a chareidi? Maybe you were hit in cheder?

      I feel like you're a danger ready to explode. Just please don't get violent.

  2. Also, according to many, "Mayor" should be in feminine.

    1. the Academy for the Hebrew Language said the feminine version of mayor in hebrew (Roshet) is acceptable, but the mayor herself has refused to use that word claiming it is not a real word and she is rosh ha'ir.


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