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Dec 30, 2019

Yigal Amir's wife trying to form new political party to get him out

We've had so many elections recently it is hard to keep track of which is which and which parties ran in which elections, but based on a post I remembered writing back in August, I could identify that Yigal Amir's wife, Larissa Trimbobler, was somehow involved in the formation of a political party that was set to try to run in the previous elections. They obviously did not succeed in passing the threshold, but I don't know how many votes they actually were able to bring in.

Trimbobnler is even more involved this time, by actually submitting registration forms for a new party. The name of the new party would be "Mishpat Tzedek".

The head of the party registrar has said he will allow Trimbobler to form her party, as long as she declares that the party does not support the assassination on Yitzchak Rabin. Trimbobler will have to submit a statement to him within 48 hours to that effect.

Globus, the head of the registrar, said he cannot disqualify a party just because it says it wants to change legislation to allow the release from prison of someone who murdered a prime minister.
source: Srugim

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1 comment:

  1. Mishpat Tzedek should run on a joint list with Kama. They could capture the right wing 'get my husband out of jail vote.' Bibi might even offer to buy them out of the election, in order to keep the 'Get my Husband out Jail vote' within Likud.


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