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Dec 17, 2019

Third Time, Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's Israel is creating a new flavor in honor of Israel's third election within 11 months, playing off the old idiom "Paam Shlishit Glida" - third time, ice cream.

As an aside, I just heard that the source for paam shlishit glida is that it is a leftover form the days of the British Mandate. It seems that it was common for Brits to say after seeing someone a couple of times in close proximity "if I see you again I'll scream". That was supposedly bastardized into "third time, ice cream".

Whatever the source is, I like that Ben & Jerry's is actually turning it into an ice cream.

On the Ben & Jerry's Israel instagram account they are asking followers for suggestions as to what such an ice cream should be made of.

so go make your suggestions, though it would have been more fun had they turned it into a challenge with the winner winning some free ice cream...

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1 comment:

  1. The British thing is a myth. There's never been such an expression. This is Hebrew all the way and a cute way of saying, "Wow, twice in one day!"

    I doubt anyone's ever actually had ice cream after the third time.


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