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Dec 23, 2019

Hanukkah Gelt to Commemorate the Greeks... not!

Posting for my daughter who is not regularly online (I will add my comments after her post):

Family and Friends,

Please help me support Camp HASC by making a donation through my fundraising page for Camp HASC Jerusalem Marathon 2020. Even a small donation will help me achieve my goal! The process is fast, easy, and secure. Thanks so much for your support.

I posted there why HASC is important to me.


Donate to my page

my comments:
1. have any Hanukkah gelt laying around? toss it to this important and amazing organization in honor of Adina... tzedaka, chessed and supporting such great work they do..
2. It feels funny to fundraise for an event that celebrates some form of Greek culture (running a marathon) on Hanukkah when we commemorate the rejection of the Greek overlords and their culture, but while this is fundraising for a marathon it is perhaps kashering it by giving such important tzedaka to such a worthy organization...
3. basically, ignore my stupid comments and donate via the posted link

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  1. Has your daughter worked at HASC? (If so,) does she know Chani Shevin?

    1. yes, she worked there this past summer. she said the last name shevin is not familiar to her but maybe she knew her by her first name. she asked if I had a picture she could say but clearly I did not

  2. The marathon was invented for the first Olympics in 1896.

    It does commemorate a Greek battle, but bear in mind that the Chashmonaim were allies of the Greeks. They were fighting the Syrians.

    Helping disabled kids is about as un-Greek as it gets, though. From back in that era, that is.


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