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Dec 24, 2019

PSA: the segulah for not getting into traffic accidents

I never before noticed Rav Yuval Cherlo get involved much in segulas, though it is possible that I just did not notice as I am not an avid follower or student of his.

Rav Cherlo has announced an important new segulah. A segulah that is surely one of the most needed and necessary segulahs in Israel. One that might save many a home and family from distress and misfortune. Rav Cherlo announced a segulah to be saved form being involved in traffic accidents.

Rav Cherlo says that the best and most proper segulah for avoiding traffic accidents, what some call the plague of the country, is to drive safely, to stay focused when driving. Not to do anything else, at all, while driving. To pay attention on the road, to consider what other drivers might do and to be prepared for eventualities, to pull over to rest when tired. We should at least minimize the incidents that are caused by human error.

A person should also daven to be safe on the roads, and say tefillas haderech and do chessed and give people rides and drive them to their destinations when possible, but most important is to drive safely.
source: Kipa

It is hard. It is difficult. We are all so easily distracted nowadays, and we have so many distractions. Do what you can, figure out a way, to minimize the distractions.

Drive safe.

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1 comment:

  1. Years ago I was taking a cab in Jerusalem an olderish driver. He was driving and reading tehillim.

    I told him that I learn in kollel and I learned a segula to get to where you wanted to safely was to NOT read tehillim.

    Hashem protect us!


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