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Dec 15, 2019

Saar gaining momentum versus Netanyahu

It might still take a miracle for Gideon Saar to beat Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming Likud primaries, but he is gaining momentum and has a good chance of pulling out strong results, even if in defeat.

MK Chaim Katz, a Likudnik who heads a large bloc of Likud supporters and is considered a powerful force within the Likud, has decided to back Saar over Netanyahu. That is a major windfall for Saar. Along with a number of mayors expressing support for him, and an increasing numbers of MKs, the miracle might yet happen. But even if no miracle is scheduled for the upcoming primary election, Saar will position himself as the next leader, being the only person willing to stand up as a challenger to Netanyahu.

Anything can happen in the coming weeks leading up to the primary, and Netanyahu will surely try to pressure some of Saar's supporters to change their minds, but Saar's momentum is growing. The next couple of weeks int he Likud will surely be interesting.

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