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Dec 29, 2019

PSA: Bus line #630 from Bet Shemesh to Jerusalem hospitals to begin this week

Back in October I posted an announcement of the planning of a new bus line from Bet Shemesh to the hospitals in Jerusalem, and from the hospitals to Bet Shemesh.

Since then no information has been released. People did not know when the new line would start, which bus company would operate it, the schedule, route or prices.

Until today. Today the announcement was made with details of the new bus line. The new line will be operated by Superbus and will be bus #630.

The Shemeshphone site has the details, which will be, but are not yet, available on the Superbus site, taken from the Ministry of Transportation site.

The new bus line will start running this coming Tuesday.

From the Shemeshphone site:

Here is the list of stops:RBS-gimel Zecharia Hanavi/Neria Hanavi;
RBS-alef Nahal Tze’elim/NahalHever;
Nahar Hayarkon/Yeshayah Hanavi;
Nahar Hayarkon/Nahal Luz;
Nahar Hayarkon/Harav Greinman;
Road 3855 [the “backroad”/Hayarkon;
Zanoah quarry/Road 3855;
Harav Herzog/Rabbi Yossi Ben Kisma;
Harav Herzog/Levi Eshkol;
Ma’apilei Egoz/Harav Herzog;
Rashi/Hazon Ish;
Hafetz Haim/Ben Ish Hai;
Yosef Karo/Ben Ish Hai;
Road 3855/Rabbi Yosef Karo;
Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Centre;
Swedish Village/Szold;
Kiryat Hayovel “Monster”/Hantke;
Shaare Zedek Medical Centre;
Givat Mordechai/Bayt; Government offices
Rabin/Netanel Lorch;
Binyenei Ha’uma/Hanasi Hashishi.
The journey from the first stop in RBS-Gimel to Hadassah is scheduled to
take one hour and 18 minutes; RBS-Gimel to Shaarei Zedek one hour and 31 minutes.
Leaving from Beit Shemesh:06:40, 08:10, 09:40, 11:10, 12:40, 14:10, 15:40, 17:10, 18:40, 20:10
No buses on Fridays or Saturday evenings.
Please note: The bus will not stop at the main entrance to the Hadassah Hospital, the stop is next to the traffic circle on the road going up to Ora Junction and at Shaare Zedek it stops on the road outside.


way to go!

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