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Dec 19, 2019

Likud locks Kubi out

reports have it that the Likud has refused Mayor Ron Kubi entry into a Likud rally in Tiberias with PM Netanyahu.

Considering that they were friends, or at least friendly, in the past, and Kubi was somewhat associated with the Likud, it is strange to hold a rally in a town and refuse entry to the mayor, let alone a friendly mayor.

I wonder if this will be used by Kubi in an appeal if Minister Zeev Elkin decides to remove him from his mayoral seat to claim that the Likud is in cahoots with Deri as  cooperation and the conflict of interest deemed on Deri should be applied to the Likud as well...

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  1. "let alone a friendly mayor"

  2. friendly to the Likud, not to the Haredim. He seems to be a personal friend with Netanyahu and when Bibi went to Tiberias a few months ago the two of them got together for a private dinner (I think at Decks, if my memory serves me). Also, Kubi has been a friend of the Likud for a long time and promotes the Likud nationally in elections. If I am not mistaken he used to be a Likud member, though I might be wrong about this. So yes, friendly to the Likud.


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